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Proven relaxation techniques for holiday stress that works fast - If you have holiday stress practicing proven relaxation techniques for just 10 minutes a day can work wonders!

If you would like to know proven relaxation techniques for holiday anxiety that work fast – this information was written just for you.  Here is why…

The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year.  Travelling, family visits, shopping, money etc can all cause anxiety that is extremely unhealthy.

Increased anxiety and stress weaken your immune system  and allows you to get sick with the common cold or flu.  And who wants to be sick over the holidays?

If you are having difficulty sleeping, feel tired (even when you first wake up) or easily aggravated - there is a good chance stress and anxiety are the culprits.

You may even gain weight from stress and anxiety.

Here are some great proven relaxation techniques for holiday anxiety that work from

Breathing Technique: Controlled breathing is the simplest and most practiced relaxation technique for anxiety. It involves deep and slow breathing that helps the diaphragm expand and contract steadily, which in turn helps you control your breathing process. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and breathe out hardily. Focus on expanding and contracting the stomach rather than the chest. Repeating this empowers one to control the oxygen intake in his body, divert the stress reaction, and regulate the parasympathetic nerves. Practicing this technique ensures that you keep your focus on the work to be completed, develop greater concentration power, and control your thoughts and actions. You can also count how many times you do the exercise to divert your attention from anxiety and stress. Breathing relaxation techniques for anxiety leads to calming down of the nerves, continuation of the balanced function of internal organs, and controlled response by the body to outside stimulus.

Meditation: For ages, meditation has been viewed as an effective way to enhance self-control, a key requirement to keep anxiety at bay. You can steer clear of anxiety by developing greater self-control and concentration through meditation techniques for anxiety. Sit in a relaxing position with folded legs, close your eyes, refrain reacting to any type of signals, and restrict yourself to concentrating on one thought. Meditation helps control senses, which in turn help organize thoughts and actions and panic response to psychological and physical stress. You can bring your attention back from stressing objects by blocking thoughts, feelings, and sensations. This improves physical and emotional coping abilities, which in turn effect a significant change in the way we react to anxiety. There are many meditation relaxation techniques for anxiety and the practice differs from culture to culture.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Anxiety and stress creates muscle tension and tightness, which results in panic reaction by the nervous system. It is often seen that inability to express feelings creates neck muscle tension while repressed anger tightens chest muscles. Muscle tensions create bottlenecks in the energy flow, blood circulation, and body movement. Progressive muscle relaxation techniques for anxiety focus on unwinding muscles and normalizing blood and oxygen circulation in the body helpful to calm down the panic nerves. This technique requires one to fully concentrate on his body and work steadily to relax body muscles. Make controlled motions starting from the bottom and gradually go upwards. Repeating the exercise loosens and relax muscles and adds to the proper blood and oxygen circulation in the body vital to remain calm and stress free.

Psychological Control: Controlling emotions is key to staying away from anxiety and stress, and all relaxation techniques for anxiety focus on enhancing the self-control to beat the stress signals. You can ensure greater control over your psychological state by practicing Stop–Think– Proceed technique. If you feel the adrenalin rush due to stress signals, take a break from the task you are doing, concentrate on telling yourself that you will not panic, and proceed to stop the activity that leads to anxiety. Again while not doing any activity, think of factors or weaknesses that result in anxiety and ways to shun them. Remember about funny episodes in your life, try to laugh, and think of things that keep you happy. These relaxing thoughts not only divert the attention, but also soothe the mind by allowing it to enjoy peace and satisfaction and relieve one from anxiety.

Audi-Visual Technique: Psychologists now use audio and visual modes as relaxation techniques for anxiety. The aim of these methods is to use audio or visual imagery to create body awareness and satisfaction and make one feel relaxed and stress free. Visualizing wonderful pictures of natural places, remembering the loved ones, and recalling funny incidents gives brain a sense of peace and happiness, which diverts attention from factors that create anxiety. Autogenic relaxation techniques for anxiety are used to create warmth, develop psychological assertiveness, and normalize the heartbeat. Similarly, listening to music helps calm down the excessive alertness and overcome the panic-stricken feeling.

Physical Relaxation Techniques: Body massage, acupuncture, jogging, exercises, Yoga, writing, Tai Chi, and spa services are the best known physical relaxation techniques for anxiety practiced worldwide. The primary objective of these methods is to develop greater self-control and physical stamina, which in turn complements the psychological ability of a human being. By practicing these anxiety relaxation techniques, one can develop greater emotional freedom, good health, stronger self-control, and positive attitude. Massage and spa services help the brain attain peace and satisfaction and avoid panic response to signals. Just by writing down your feelings, one can control his thoughts and action and feel relaxed.

Proven relaxation techniques for holiday anxiety that work fast can more than just relax you – it can make this holiday season fun and maybe even you best ever!

Using proven relaxation techniques for just 10 minutes every day can have a major impact on your life.  If you would like to have proven relaxation techniques emails to you about once a week… sign up here:  Proven relaxation techniques club.


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